Long-term scooter or motorbike rental, scooter or motorbike LOA (leasing with option to buy) more commonly known as leasing is becoming a trend with strong advantages.
LouerUneMoto.fr the leader in short-term scooter and motorbike rental is developing its business with the rental of two-wheelers for long periods. Opt for the motorcycle LLD allows for easy use of the vehicle, no loss of money on resale, no problem of maintenance and wear of consumables to manage. A possibility of insurance at the best price.

New vehicle 0 km
Equipment of your choice
Monthly rate
From 0.99 €/day
From 2 €/day
3 wheels
From 3 €/day
Maxi scooter
From 5 €/day
Moto A2
From 7 €/day
Moto A
From 9 €/day
Pleasure vehicle
From 8 €/day

Discover the pack that suits you to ride with confidence and optimize your expenses:

The economic formula included with the vehicle
New vehicle
Gray card
License plate
The formula that includes maintenance
New vehicle
Gray card
License plate
Recommended maintenance by manufacturer
The formula for riding in complete serenity
New vehicle
Gray card
License plate
Recommended maintenance for the manufacturer
Changing tires and brakes

Long-term 2-wheel rental now becomes accessible to everyone. Often overlooked, you can now ride on the 2 wheels of your dreams with a small monthly payment. Louerunemoto.fr has selected for you the best French brands for long-term rental and LOA.

Get your price by choosing your vehicle

Whether for companies, independents, vehicle fleets or individuals, our scooter and motorbike solutions for long-term rental or rental with option to purchase in Paris, the Ile de France or throughout France will allow you to drive new two wheels at a fair price. Our sales representatives, who are also bikers, will take care of advising you on the use of the motorcycle or your rental scooter. They will study according to your request for LLD or LOA the formula most suited to your needs so that you have the pleasure of driving your 2 wheels. They will advise you on the accessories to install on the vehicle and will not hesitate to give you the best places to buy rider equipment.

The agency LouerUneMoto.fr has made its reputation with the largest fleet of vehicles in the Ile de France, whether for the motorcycle rental or scooter rental in Paris. With over 10 years of sales experience, our company started out with a small fleet and today has the largest fleet of motorcycles and scooters for hire. Whether from 50cc to 125cc through the traditional MP3 and maxi scooter such as the Yamaha Tmax. The motorcycle fleet has grown with the arrival of the BMW GS1250 and the Yamaha tracer 9 GT.

By developing the range of scooters and motorcycles for long-term rental, we want to open up to as many people as possible the possibility of riding on exceptional motorcycles at a controlled cost. Vehicles are more and more expensive, taxes related to registrations represent a significant cost. The prices we offer are the lowest on the market because we calculate the expenses as accurately as possible with full control of each. But beware, the lowest prices on the market do not mean that we are skimping on the quality of the product. We decided to collaborate with the big brands of the moment like BMW, HONDA, KAWASAKI, KTM, KYMCO, PIAGGIO, SUZUKI, TRIUMPH, YAMAHA. Their reliability is well established and that is why we have chosen them.

To guide you in the right choice of vehicle, you will find below a guide that can help you.

Renting a 50cc scooter will allow people without a license or people who have lost their license (suspension, withdrawal) to move around town freely. These urban scooters are compact to adapt to small budgets.

To drive it: AM license, BSR, B license and anyone born before 1988
Renting a 125cc scooter will allow people with a B license (and 125cc training) or A1 license holders to move around large cities with complete freedom.
These urban scooters are robust and comfortable, they avoid traffic jams.
Their low consumption allows to reduce the annual budget.

To drive it: A1 license, B license (with training 125 if not validated on the license
3 wheels
Renting an MP3 scooter will allow people with a B license (and 125cc training) or A1 license holders to move around safely with absolute comfort in the city.
These semi-urban scooters are robust and comfortable, they allow you to avoid traffic jams and to be able to drive on expressways without being too slow.
The two front wheels ensure stability and efficient braking.
< br /> To drive it: A1 license, B license (with 125 training if not validated on the license)
Maxi Scooter
Renting a maxi scooter will allow people with an A2 license to enjoy the comfort of a powerful engine with the advantages of a scooter.
These maxi scooter are ultra comfortable and fast, they allow you to make long journeys without getting tired.
Their engines and chassis allow them to compete with motorcycles at start-up and in curves.

To drive it: A2 license
Moto A2
Renting an A2 motorbike or a young driver's license will allow you to enjoy the pleasure of driving a motorbike in complete safety from the first day of obtaining your license.
The sensations of freedom , power will be increased tenfold on a 2-wheeler, even with a bridle.
These accessible motorcycles are precise and fast, Usable on a daily basis for trips between home and work or simply for the pleasure of driving.

To drive it: A2 license
Moto A
Renting a motorcycle license A from the 1st day of obtaining your physical license will allow you to plan rides with friends, motorbike vacations or simply daily use.
Whether it is a so-called GT road motorcycle, a sport or even a trail, all motorcycles will be accessible to you.
Some models equipped with luggage storage will satisfy you if you are a traveler, or more sporty models if you have the soul of a competitor.

To drive it: License A
Motorbike pleasure
Renting a pleasure motorcycle, whether it is a Can Am, a Harley Davidson or the motorcycle of your dreams, sometimes has a price that is difficult to afford. Going through the long-term motorcycle rental allows you to pay
a monthly rate much lower than a purchase price. Your dream therefore becomes accessible.
Our advisers will be able to guide you in each of your requests.

To drive it: Depending on the vehicle