Every company succeeds in developing thanks to the ambitions and objectives that it sets for itself. This is what determines the path the company will take in its market. louerunemoto.fr, the scooter and motorcycle rental agency by virtue of its ambitions, intends to establish itself in the scooter and motorcycle rental market in a sustainable manner. Here is a presentation of the objectives of louerunemoto.fr.

1) Become the undisputed Parisian leader

Open for a few months, the louerunemoto.fr agency is experiencing significant development. It must be said that in Paris, scooter rental and motorcycle rental is a market full of opportunities. The agency makes sure it can meet the needs of all customers, whether for large brands like SUSHI SHOP which has placed its trust in the hands of the rental agency, or whether it is in order to have a very popular vehicle such as the rental of a TMAX DX for business customers. louerunemoto.fr also offers the rental of unique vehicles, exclusively at louerunemoto.fr, such as the rental of sports motorcycles such as the YAMAHA NIKEN and the BMW R 1250 RT, or even the rental of atypical motorcycles such as the CAN-AM RYKER. All of this is just the first step in the goals the company has set for itself. louerunemoto.fr plans to open three other agencies by 2020 and thus be able to set up an inter-agency collection / deposit system.

2) Develop our internal network in Paris

As said previously, the rental agency intends to open three new agencies by 2020 in Paris. The objective is to increase our presence in the capital in order to be as available as possible to customers and thus develop a motorcycle rental service throughout Paris. Being able to meet every need, being able to offer the right vehicle less than 15 minutes from every corner of Paris. Motorcycle rental and scooter rental are not only beneficial for customers, in fact, this project will also create around twenty jobs (preparers, salespeople, agency managers, a communication and marketing department).
Obtain a fleet of more than 200 vehicles, electric scooter, 125cc, maxi-scooter, motorcycles for A2 licenses, sports motorcycles, and high-end motorcycles. By achieving these objectives, louerunemoto.fr will achieve its objective of leading the scooter and motorcycle rental market in Paris.

3) Develop our network in the form of a franchise for major French and European cities

The need to travel quickly, pleasantly and economic is not only the problem of the French, but also for many European countries.
This is why louerunemoto.fr wants to become THE reference French motorcycle rental brand and thus become the leader of the European market. To achieve this goal, the agency wants to develop a network of franchisees in major European cities. The company also wants to rely on different skills in order to be able to adapt to the desires of each customer in each country. Thus, louerunemoto.fr will be able to both rent a T-MAX in Berlin, rent an electric scooter in Rome and rent a sports motorbike in Lyon. This network will also be available to those who want to go on road trips, in France or in Europe. They will be able to create their own itineraries, and make a long trip in Europe, having the possibility of changing motorbikes in each major capital and in different louerunemoto.fr agencies.