Renting two-wheelers can benefit many people. But sometimes it's hard to find the time to hire. Indeed, go to an agency, choose your vehicle, complete the contract, etc. takes time. This is why the agency offers to book and pay for the rental of your vehicle directly online via the agency's website. The vehicle will be blocked until the rental so do not hesitate any longer and make sure you have your reservation.

1) For whom?

Online rental is for people who can not come to the agency when they want, whether for reasons of time or geography.
People coming from the provinces or abroad for a short term rental can be arranged directly online or by phone so as not to waste time.
Other people simply cannot be available during agency opening hours. Once at home, these people can reserve their vehicle in peace on our website.

2) Advantages

The first advantage, like previously said, is the saving of time.
Thanks to the optimized site of the agency, you choose:
• The address of departure and return
• The period rental
• The vehicle
• Comfort and safety options
Each vehicle is detailed and described with all the criteria to be fulfilled to be able to validate the rental. Once the two-wheeler has been chosen with all the options that come with it, you can proceed with the reservation.
The advantage of booking and paying for the motorcycle rental online is that you will be assured of having the vehicle reserved, for you at the dates and times requested.
So a person going to the scooter rental agency will never be sure to get the desired motorcycle or scooter but will have the choice of vehicles available. Indeed, depending on the season, some models are very popular such as the Yamaha T-MAX DX, the Yamaha MT07 A2, the Yamaha Tracer 900, the Yamaha NIKEN.
The last advantage to note is the preparation of the scooter or the motorbike. The agency anticipating your arrival and what you have previously chosen as an option, the employees will prepare your scooter or your motorcycle upstream so that they are already in front of the agency, clean, with full fuel, the options already installed and a tarpaulin if it rains so as not to get wet. The departure of the motorcycle rental will therefore be much faster.

3) Methods of payment

As said previously, the payment can be done online in order to finalize the reservation. Obviously, the payment is secure and is done via the BNP Paribas system.

If you do not wish to pay online, other means are available to you.
At the agency, you can pay by cash or credit card directly. By phone with our remote payment application. This consists of paying the rental by phone call. The employee will ask you for the numbers of your bank card with the expiry date that they will enter directly into the terminal. The latter will keep the sales receipt in order to present it to you on the day you come to the agency. Once this action has been taken, your vehicle is therefore reserved and blocked for you.

Renting a motorbike in our agency is easy, go directly to the home page.