Cheap motorcycle rental is a necessity in Paris. It allows you to travel more simply in the city while respecting a small budget. In addition, saving time is an interesting differentiation depending on the rental agency chosen.

1) Delivery in Paris

Scooter rental can be a big help, especially in big cities like Paris. This makes it possible to move quickly and inexpensively, in general. This is also a good solution for those who are just fed up with being locked in subways or trains every day of the week. In addition, rental agencies adapt to the clientele in order to respond to their problems. There are now rental agencies for cars, scooters and motorcycles, electric scooters, etc. The only two obstacles to rental are the time lost in picking up the scooter or motorbike at the agency and the cost. Fetching the vehicle can mean a big detour in the customer's itinerary and therefore a significant delay. The other obstacle is the sometimes too high cost of vehicles. The agency is well aware of this, which is why it offers customers to deliver the rental scooter or motorcycle to the chosen location. This concept is possible throughout Paris, but also in Ile-de-France. Our agency offers motorcycle rental and cheap scooter rental. For each two-wheeler, each option, each client, the agency does everything possible to be the cheapest and most efficient. This is why it is recognized as the market leader in pricing and quality.

2) Location in Paris

Paris is a very touristic city, there were nearly 34 million people who visited the capital in 2018. For tourists, scooter rental is very important for several reasons. It is easier and more pleasant to visit the city, to make every trip, to visit Paris on two wheels. The smells and inconveniences of the metro and RER will only be a distant memory! have a scooter delivered directly to their hotel. They will thus be able to benefit directly from the city and save time on the recovery of their two wheels in a branch. The customer can therefore benefit directly from his scooter or his motorbike. The cost of delivery throughout Paris is 30 €, renting a can also take care of the return of the scooter. The cost of returning the scooter or motorbike is 30 € in Paris as well.
For the departments: 92, 93, 94: 45 €
For the departments: 77, 78, 91, 95 : 60 €

3) Rental in Ile-de-France

The delivery of two-wheelers may interest another type of person, a a large number of company employees in Paris live in the suburbs. They must therefore travel between 30 min and 2 hours of public transport to get to their place of work. Many of them would like to rent a two-wheeler to make their commute easier each day. Motorcycle rental would also facilitate the various meetings during the day. Unfortunately, these people don't have much time and need to find solutions quickly. Thanks to, all they have to do is make an appointment and one of the team members will deliver the scooter as planned. And don't imagine that delivering a scooter is more difficult than delivering an Amazon package, it's just a signature. So the next few days will be much easier for you without wasting your time. Motorcycle delivery in Ile de France costs 45 to 60 €. The cost of returning the scooter or motorbike is € 45 to € 60.

A good company always adapts to its customers. This is why the agency offers many different scooters and cheap motorcycles for delivery. Motorcycles and scooters are new and this is a big advantage when renting a 2 wheeler.