A good scooter and motorcycle rental agency stands out especially through its team. From preparer to manager, cohesion and the ability to respond to the needs of each client as quickly as possible are essential. The team is the core of our company, which is why we choose to introduce you to each member of the motorcycle and scooter rental agency louerunemoto.fr.

1) Martin M. - Director

As director and above all founder of the louerunemoto.fr agency, Martin is the first to be presented.
He is in charge of business development, administrative and financial management. At the same time, Martin manages the various marketing strategies in order to optimize the sales of the company. Defining the right geographic area for our customers was the first strategic decision taken. The challenge that Martin has set is to create an innovative concept that has not been developed until now: the rental of new scooters and motorcycles at a competitive price. The agency does not claim to be low cost, it chooses to optimize each expense to offer services at ideal rates to our customers. On the example of a 50cc electric scooter, the daily rate varies from single to double between our agency louerunemoto.fr and our competitors.
The director is also in constant contact with each member of the team in order to support in their tasks. Ultimately, the role of the manager is to know how to get the best out of each member and lead them towards a common goal, and that is what Martin strives to do.

2) Révélino A. - Agency manager

Révélino is the manager of the scooter and motorcycle rental agency based in Bercy . With more than 10 years of experience with major car rental brands, he challenged himself to start from scratch in a growing company. His job is to be the client's first contact, whether by phone or face-to-face in our agency. He informs, advises and directs customers to the most suitable motorbike or scooter. The manager also takes care of rental orders, the conduct of the rentals themselves and the administrative part related to these actions. Révélino is therefore the official referent for clients. He also manages all actions carried out within the agency and ensures the smooth running of rentingunemoto.fr's activity on a daily basis. His direct work with the agency's employees allows for fluidity in operations and the implementation of various processes. He is the central link in the team which ensures perfect field management.

3) Emmanuel M. - Seller / Preparator

Emmanuel has two main roles within the rental agency. Through his role as a salesperson, he informs, advises and guides customers on vehicles as well as various accessories to facilitate the driving experience. The louerunemoto.fr agency is positioned as the rental agency that offers new vehicles in perfect condition. It is up to Emmanuel, in his role of preparer of scooters and motorcycles, to ensure the proper functioning and cleanliness of each vehicle. The preparer also checks the consumables and fluids for motorcycles and scooters, gasoline, oils, brake pads, because for a two-wheeler this is essential. Finally, he makes sure that each accessory is present and in good condition (lock, yellow vest, phone holder, etc.). On each return, it cleans and disinfects with ozone, gloves and helmets so that they can be reused, dry, without any bacteria, and with a pleasant odor. It’s that little extra that makes all the difference for us. Emmanuel was thus able to put his sales and mechanical skills at the service of the company and become part of the collective.

4) Arthur Y. - Marketing and communication manager

Arthur is responsible for the marketing and communication of the louerunemoto agency .Fr. He is in constant contact with the director so that they can together determine the best communication strategies to address on each platform, partnerships, referencing and especially the customer experience. In addition, he manages the social media manager in order to coordinate each campaign. Together they monitor the reputation of the rental agency on the internet. Arthur ensures the creation and development of partnerships with various influencers or major brands wishing to affiliate with our agency. He is also in charge of creating content for different platforms: flyers, photo montages, etc. Natural and paid referencing is also an important mission for the scooter and motorcycle rental agency to appear on the first pages of internet browsers and social networks. The most important task is improving the customer experience in order to make every customer a satisfied customer, because that is how you build loyalty.

5) Célime D. - Social network manager

Célime is an important part of our agency because social networks are a vector of customers important, that is why a person is completely dedicated to this task. In conjunction with the marketing manager, he creates, tests and develops advertising campaigns to reach and interest as many prospects as possible. He also ensures the daily management of our Instagram page @ louerunemoto.fr, Facebook @ louerunemoto.fr or even twitter @ louerunemoto. Have you contacted us through social networks? Know that it was Celime who took care of answering you. Trusting young people represents the opportunity that Célime had in our company, freshly graduated, he was hired to bring a new spirit and with the desire to demonstrate his skills.

Like as you can see, the staff at louerunemoto.fr all have a very different profile. This is what makes the strength of the agency and it is what allows us to best satisfy each client.

You too want to join us, for an internship, a seasonal job or a CDI, contact us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..