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SEGWAY E110S 50cc S50E
Starting From 11.00

Physical documents to present at the agency:

- BSR license or European driving license with mention AM, A1, A2 or A (outside Europe international A license required)

- ID

- Proof of address less than 3 months old

- Bank card for the bank imprint of 500€

For individuals: on each document and on the bank card must be written the NAME and First name of the contract holder.

For companies: also bring Kbis and copy of the manager’s identity document. For pre-authorization either by bank card in the name of the company or in the first and last name of the driver, or by transfer before the day of departure.



Age: 18 years old

Mileage included: 30 km/day (unlimited mileage optional; additional km €0.20/km)

B, AM or BSR license (from the 1st day of obtaining)

Or without a license if born before 01/01/1988



The scooter and motorcycle rental agency, offers you the SEGWAY E110S electric scooter, which is the latest technology in electric scooters. You are looking for a cheap scooter rental in Paris. This rental scooter is made for you.

Its removable battery recharges from a mains outlet in 5 hours for a complete recharge (0 to 100%). The advantage of its removable battery allows you to rent a scooter and keep your freedom even without gasoline or with anti-pollution days. A significant advantage when you need to avoid public transport and save time.

Ranked among the best 50CC electric scooters of 2022 thanks to a very strong increase in sales, the electric game from SEGWAY will not disappoint you!

Its range is 75 kilometers (manufacturer data) but 45km in real life. There are few scooter rental agencies with BSR from 18 years old, so take advantage of it.

Practical, ecological and handy scooter. For this scooter rental without a license, you can rent it with the BSR or a B license or if you were born before January 1, 1988, without any license.

Finding us is easy, we are the only scooter rental agency in Paris Gare de Lyon.


Its little extra: A USB socket that allows you to charge your phone while riding and that's rare for 50cc rental scooters.