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Honda Forza 750 A2 MSAccess
Starting From 40.00

Physical documents to present at the agency:

- European driving license with mention A2 or A (outside Europe compulsory international A license)

- Identity document

- Proof of address less than 3 months old

- Credit card in the name of the tenant for the bank imprint of 1500 €



Age: 20 years old

Mileage included: 90 km / day (optional unlimited mileage; additional km 0.30 € / km)

A2 license (from the 1st day of obtaining)


Honda is attacking the Yamaha Tmax 560 techmax head-on.


After having dethroned the Yamaha Xmax with its Forza 125, Honda has developed in addition to its Xadv crossover (available in our agency), the Forza 750, a real maxi scooter sharp and refined with comfort like a GT motorcycle.

A 745cc twin-cylinder engine, common to the X-adv, gives it the liveliness expected of a maxi scooter, with its double dual-clutch transmission (Honda DCT). You will pass the 6 gears without jerking. the HSTC system permanently manages the traction of your rear wheel. It is worthy of a great GT and rare for high-end scooter rental.

This forza is ultra manoeuvrable with its diamond-type chassis, inverted cartridge fork and aluminum swingarm. These devices ensure control of the suspension and exceptional driving precision. Any customer of a scooter rental agency will be able to pick it up easily.

Its 3 driving modes, standard, sport and rain will allow you to reach the perfect speed between engine power, precise braking and rapid gear change.

Its 5-inch TFT screen will allow you to manage your music and calls if you have a phone managed by Android. Voice control is a big plus to stay connected even when you're riding.

Its 22-liter trunk will allow you to fit a full-face helmet. Its USB type C connectivity will allow you to charge your tablet and smartphone.


Its little extras: Its driving comfort, the compact side to get out of traffic jams and its connectivity.


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The only rental agency in Paris that exclusively owns the Forza 750 is, so make your reservation.