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YAMAHA MT07 2021 A2 MA2A
Starting From 42.00

Physical documents to present at the agency:

- European driving license with mention A2 or A (outside Europe compulsory international A license)

- Identity document

- Proof of address less than 3 months old

- Credit card in the name of the tenant for the bank imprint of 1500 €


Age: 20 years old

Mileage included: 90 km / day (optional unlimited mileage; additional km 0.30 € / km)

A or A2 license (from the 1st day of obtaining)



The motorcycle rental agency Publicité is leasing Yamaha MT07 A2 at an exceptional price.

Few agency offers you to rent a motorbike at a price as low as ours for a very recent vehicle especially in A2 so that young drivers can enjoy it.

Best-seller on the motorcycle market in 2020 with 4,050 units (at the end of August 2020), the MT07 is the roadster that will guarantee comfort and safety.

Rent a motorcycle with qualities

This roadster is manoeuvrable, light, fast, it will satisfy all its male and female drivers. Equipped with a large handlebar, it will facilitate its driving and the precision of your trajectories to move around Paris and its region.

Its raised saddle for the passenger will allow him to have a distant vision of the road and will anticipate with the driver the movements of the motorcycle.

Quality parts for a motorcycle at this price, a futuristic digital screen worthy of a sports car, a slender line that is both aggressive and thin, and a 180mm tire at the rear which gives it a fairly robust appearance


Safety even on a rental motorcycle

Safety question the Yamaha MT07 A2 will satisfy you, equipped with ABS, a powerful braking system with its double 282mm disc at the front and its single 245mm disc at the rear.

Powerful lighting that allows very pleasant night vision to anticipate the dangers of the road. It is also equipped with warning lights to be able to go up the lines while being seen (even if it is not made only for that).


Consumption and data of your rental motorcycle

During each rental, you must return the vehicle with a full tank of gasoline. The 14-liter MT07's tank gives you an average range of 350 kilometers, unlike its competitor, the Honda CB650r, which has a range of 300 km.

With a seat height of 805mm, it allows all sizes to be able to sit on its handlebars. Its weight of 182kg all full is quite light compared to its competitors the Honda is 202kg. So that makes a hell of a difference for this model.


It's easy to rent a motorbike, we are the only motorbike rental agency in Paris Gare de Lyon.


The little extra: The rental of the Yamaha MT07 A2 is made for new licenses, drive with a vehicle adapted to your license.